Blue Dragoon

"What?! You Want to leave! But the Adventure's just begun!"

Blue (AKA Blue Dragoon) is the leader of the first generation Warriors.

Early Life

Blue was born as Nick Ray and always wanted to go on an adventure. One day, the Alexandrian Army attacked his village. He ran away to Alexandria and made friends with a white mage named Aish.

Warrior Age

Eventualy, Blue went to go check out Sid's Shop and found a wierd brick. Then he was transported to the Crystal World and then the Guured Desert. After defeatng a wierd skull thing, he found Aish and the duo were put in Iian Castle. They defeated the boss there and then decided to go to the Black Mage Village. Here, they met Vive the Black Mage.


  • His name comes from his job,'Blue Dragoon'
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